End of Summer Stories

So first off let me just say WOW! Where did the entire summer go?? Last time I checked, summer was just beginning and our plans to do all sorts of fun, adventuresome, amazing, entertaining and exciting things were just getting under way. I wait all year-long for summertime and this year it just flew by with the blink of an eye. I will say this though, we did do so many things this summer that it definitely was not boring. Let’s have a recap:

To start off summer, we were still playing baseball! Nolan made the 9/10 all-star team as an 8 year,old (league age 9) and for the first few weeks of summertime we were busy with that. What an experience! Nolan works so hard as a ball player, and for him to achieve such an accomplishment was awesome!

Then onto our family trip to Kentucky! On July 4th we flew to Nashville, the home of the nation’s largest firework display. Well we didn’t exactly get to see any fireworks due to the fact that is was pouring rain the entire day and night, but we did get to walk around the next a do some sight seeing.


The next morning we drove to Cadiz,
Kentucky where we spent the next 4 days hanging out at a lake house on Lake Barkley with family from all over.

It was such a beautiful place, that definitely is not suffering from a drought like we are here in California, everything was so lush and GREEN! There we got to experience lightning bugs, huge spiders, deer, geese, family time and lots of laughs together!


While in the area we also adventured to Mammoth Caves, definitely something to see! On out way of Cadiz, we headed straight to Louisville, Kentucky to see the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.


If you are baseball fan, this is a must see. While we were there, we took a tour to see how the Louisville Slugger bats are made, and at the time the factory was actually making the bats for the 2015 all-star game that was to take place the following week in Cincinnati. How cool is that!!

One week after coming home from our Kentucky trip, we ventured about 60 minutes south to Rosarito Mexico!! The man of the house and his tournament softball team were competing in a tournament there, and we got to enjoy Rosarito for the weekend. And what’s even more awesome, is that they won!



Woo hoo! Champs baby!! It was a great experience for Nolan to see how the culture is so different down there and eat tons of tacos! It was a great time!

The following weeks were filled with time spent with friends at the pool, beach days, baseball games, sleepovers, softball games, dog walking, and before you know it, school.




I definitely cannot complain that we didn’t do enough over the summer, in fact I wish we could have squeezed in MORE! I do welcome school days though, because with it comes a routine and a BEDTIME!

a ‘Not so interesting, or interesting’ kind of post

This morning I woke up with a desire to write. I have to admit, as much as I love writing for this here little blog, that mood hasn’t struck me in quite some time. Maybe it’s the heat wave that we have been having here in Southern California for the past week. The heat brings out a desire to hang out working in my yard all day, to run, drink beer, play outside as much as the sun will allow, drink beer, and drink beer. Doing things that I loved to do, including write.
So after I was excited that I wanted to spend some time working on the blog, it occurred to me that I have absolutely nothing new to write about. But that’s just it. Everything that I have ever written about on my blog are things that I haven’t been doing for the past 4 months or so, they are things that I do often, and that I love. Yes it’s mostly about running, which I do love, but also haven’t been doing in quite some time. Did you understand that? So it could be interesting, a ‘what’s been going on with Kate type thing.’ So I welcome you to the list of not so interesting, or interesting things that I have been doing.
1. School. This is nothing new, but definitely has been taking up too much a lot of time.


2. Work. This is once again not new, but it gets old. I want to go have fun!

3. A puppy. This is new, and it just occurred to me that I have yet to introduce the blogosphere to the newest member of the family, Rocky. Puppies are fun, but also more work than anyone should have to deal with. Would I get another? Probably.


Meet Rocky :) This photo is from when we first got him at 4 months old.
Meet Rocky 🙂 This photo is from when we first got him at 4 months old.
Rocky's first trail adventure. He's a natural :) Here he is 5 months old.
Rocky’s first trail adventure. He’s a natural 🙂 Here he is 5 months old.

4. Minor B baseball. Baseball has always been a huge part of our family, whether it be Joe’s ( that’s the man in the house) men’s softball 4 nights a week and counting, or little N’s baseball. The thing is though, minor B baseball is a lot more kiddo baseball than we’re used to, and quite frankly, it takes up a ton of time.

5. Annual Disneyland Memberships. This is huge in a super exciting kind of way. Our family splurged this year and got memberships to Disneyland. Why you might ask? Well, Dland is awesome, and most people that I tell this to, think I’m nuts. I have always loved Dland, although I may not a year from now. Now mind you, dland is the furthest place away from being out on a trail in the boonies by myself, where I am super happy and content. Dland makes me happy in a different kind of way. It’s a good thing I wrote this post so that you people out there who think that they know me, learn a bit about the me. HA!


6. Big Bear Lake. I love Big Bear, and I am not just saying that because I went there recently and it was awesome. Big Bear honestly holds a place in my heart, and let it be known now, I will have my very own cabin there someday. I have been there numerous times, and each time I have to say goodbye to the beautiful mountain town, it pulls at my heartstrings a little. The family and I enjoyed an early vaca there already this year and stayed in a cabin, which was fun and exciting!



Rocky's first time in Snow in Big Bear. He is definitely a snow dog. Here he is 8 months old.
Rocky’s first time in Snow in Big Bear. He is definitely a snow dog. Here he is 8 months old.

Ok and here’s a big one….

7. No beer drinking for me. What?!?! Did you know that this was even possible? Don’t get me wrong, I love drinking beer. I’m a beer girl. But I don’t have to drink beer, unlessit’sasuperhotdayliketodayandalliwantisafingbeer, then I have to drink a beer. But really I just haven’t been in the mood. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just a phase.

*Edited* Shortly after writing this post I went out to hang with friends and this happened. I’ll take the man size please. Told you it was just a phase.

Latitude 33 - Carolina Honey Hips, one of my favorites!
Latitude 33 – Carolina Honey Hips, one of my favorites!


So I guess that’s it for me, for now. It seems things may be turning around a bit, and who knows, you may see a post about the old things that I used to love, running, drinking, trail adventuring, running, eating, beer drinking and beer drinking. Wait… I still do love those things. Oh well.

Happy Running Beer Drinking Adventuring Day