Broken Hearted Ramblings : All Doggies Go to Heaven

I have been thinking about how to write this post for several weeks now, and all I have are memories that are too difficult to put down in writing. I wanted this to be a tribute, but it seems so hard to wrap my head around how to say what I want to say, and still the fact that this is a reality.  Please forgive me for the ramblings that may occur.

For the past eight years, I was lucky enough to have a dog at home who loved me, and my family unconditionally. He made my days brighter, my grumpy moods go away, and was always ready and eager for a run. Running is what he was made of. In fact I credit him for my running days that I just wasn’t in the mood for. He always helped me get up the steepest him, the longest trail, and the most painful scrambles to get home when we were lost. He never backed down when I craved adventure, and I loved him for that among many other things.

I never was a runner until I realized how much of a runner he was.

He helped me find a piece of me that I never knew existed, something that I was also made of. He lived his days waiting for me to break out my running shoes, and he knew exactly what was expected of him when we set foot out that door, it was his job.


After he passed away, I had to find the courage to go run. I all of a sudden was alone on our favorite paths. The squirrels would run by without fear of being chased. The neighborhood dogs didn’t bark. I had no leash to hold.

Running is something that I love and will continue to love. I will run with his spirit, and remember the joy I would see on his face. I know that I have a doggy running his little heart out in heaven when I feel like I can no longer continue on.


Thank you Rosco for all the love you shared. Thank you for being my protector. Thank you for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for. Thank you for not eating everything out of my garden. Thank you for sleeping right by my side. Thank you for waking up everyday and running with me, even though you were still tired from the 12 miles the day before. Thank you for making me run the fastest when my legs were the heaviest. Thank you for sharing apples with me on our adventures. Thank you for being you.













Rosco and I
Rosco and I

I will always remember you and will love you forever.IMG_1589

I Run For Me

Some days a run is just a run. Other days a run helps you to see something a bit clearer. Whether you are running out of boredom, desire to lose weight, or a goal to stay healthy, you are running for you. This morning’s run helped me remember that fine little detail.

As a woman battling endometriosis, it can be very easy for me to curl up in my bed and stay there all day. Dishes won’t get cleaned, laundry won’t get folded. Homework will not get finished. Those things may still not happen on a day like today, but at least I did my run for me. With every twinge of pain, I pushed myself harder. I ran faster, and in that moment I felt what healthy feels like. I have the power within me to be healthy, I just need the desire on days like today to push myself. The day is still young, and I may suffer in pain for the rest of the day for pushing myself this morning, but at least I can say I did it. I ran. I ran for me.

Determination is a funny thing. I am determined to be healthy. I will not let endometriosis hold me down any longer.

My Love of a Challenge

This time of the year, I am totally happy with hibernating. I definitely am not a fan of being cold, and no matter how many layers I put on, I can never seem to be “warm”.  The thought of stepping outside in 50 degree weather to go run seems absurd (California kid, remember?)

I have on the other hand, known for a while that I have minimized my running so badly that I have seemed to lost my “base”. It’s bound to happen if you only get a 4-5 mile run in once a week. At that point its a never-ending battle against yourself to get better, or at least comfortable with running. Work your butt off painfully for one day, then hang out for six. That doesn’t make sense.

So when Off Road Pursuits announced its 31 in 31 December Challenge, I was definitely intrigued. All I have to do is run for 30 minutes a day. Everyday. Would I be able to go from once a week to every single day of this month? It will definitely be hard, but it needs to happen.

So far I have been successful in getting my runs in, 5 days into the challenge. What I like about it:

  • You hold yourself accountable
  • Jump start into the New Year
  • Great way to feel good during the holidays
  • If you know you may not get a run in one day, you can make it up by running twice another day.

So there you have it. Hopefully next race report you read, the first sentence won’t include something to the tune of, I didn’t really train for this. Man, I hate having to say that.

I’ll periodically drop in updates to let everyone know how I’m doing 🙂

Wish me luck!

Welcome to November

The first day of November, and I’m lucky to be outside running at 4 in the afternoon with my best friend, my pup Rosco, and it’s eighty-five degrees outside. Eighty-five freakin degrees outside! Man am I lucky.

I took today’s run opportunity to wear my new INKnBURN tank and enjoy my time to myself on this glorious fall (eighty-five degree) afternoon 🙂


Pro Compression Sock Review

I’m sure by now you have seen runners running through your neighborhood or local race with bright and colorful knee-high socks on. If your like some of the people whom I know, you may think that its simply a fashion statement, and not a very good one at that.


Maybe what you need is a little background information.

Compression socks have been used in the medical field to alleviate symptoms of diabetes and to increase blood flow in to the arms and legs by constricting the muscles and holding everything tight. In the past 5 years or so though, athletes have turned to this type of support to help in training and recovery. There really is no real scientific proof that they do work, but I have noticed a decrease in recovery time whenever I use them.

They work.

With that said I was open to trying out another pair when I came across Pro Compression.


After receiving the socks, I used them through different aspects of running; training and recovery. Each time I used them my legs felt significantly better than days when I hadn’t used anything in similar scenarios.

Things I liked:

  • The Color – Maybe color shouldn’t be the first thing that I mention that I like, but I already stated that they do work. The second most important factor is style. The website has so many colors and style options. That’s always a plus. I really liked the purplicious pair I received.
  • Ribbing- This is the first pair of compression socks that I have seen with ribbing. It gives them a nice texture and seems to make them tighter.

What I didn’t like:

  • Too Tight – The whole point of the sock is to be tight, but I shouldn’t have elastic indents on the back of my calf after just 30 minutes of wearing them. That doesn’t feel too good. I do have big calf muscles, but as I recall, the sizing depends on the size of your foot, not the width of your legs.
  • Too Hard to Get On – Once again, I know they have to be tight, that is not the problem. It was very hard to get my foot in the socks, and to take them off. In addition to my large calves, I also have big feet. The actual size of the sock was perfect, so that was not as issue.

Aside from that the socks did exactly what they were meant to do. I definitely noticed an improvement in the way my legs felt during and after my runs.imagesCACICGCZ

What to try your own pair?? Pro Compression is giving away a pair of compression socks to one very lucky reader!

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Happy One Year !

Today marks the one year anniversary of Chronicles of Kate!

Chronicles of Kate Photos2

I remember one year ago, sitting down to get this thing started and thinking to myself, “what the heck am I going to write?” I really wanted to document my life in terms of running and different aspects of health, and looking back now, I’m so glad I did!

Thank you to all of my followers, and those who have just stopped by to see what the ramblings were about.

Here are some highlights and some of my favorite posts after one year:

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Please give me some feedback:

Alpha Earth Runners Review and Giveaway!!

A few months ago, I inquired about a pair of running sandals from Earth Runners, a company that creates minimalist running sandals that are inspired by the Tarahumara Native American Indians of Northwestern Mexico. These custom-built sandals provide comfort and protection while offering the satisfaction of a barefoot experience.


On the Earth Runners site, you will see the different types of sandals that they offer. I decided on the Alpha Earth Runners because this version of the sandal is great for longer distances, as it provides a little more thickness in the sole of the sandal.

Getting Ready

The first time getting ready to wear these, I admit I was a little hesitant and skeptical. The strap lacing system that my sandals have does not look comfortable at all, and what if I laced them up wrong and kept having to deal with laces that did not fit properly? Well, for people like me, the Earth Runners website provides ‘How To’ links to adjust your laces, resize your laces, and tie your leather laces (if you opted for leather). The videos are so easy to follow, and honestly I think it would be hard to get lost. After wearing the sandals around for a few weeks with the original lacing pattern, I decided to change it up a bit, and go for a different look and approach to how I laced the sandals. What’s really cool about the lacing system is that the buckle attachment slides off completely allowing more freedom in how you choose to wear the sandals. In the ‘How To” section of the website, there is also a video on how to trim you laces if they are too long. I would advise anyone that is choosing to trim the laces to wait until they are sure of the way they choose to lace the sandals.

Let’s Run

I wore these sandals around for weeks before I actually ran in them. My foot had molded the sandal bed, and the straps were snug just where I wanted them. While vacationing in Reno, NV, I decided that my time to run in these bad boys had finally arrived. I found a series of gently rolling connecting trails, and I just started to run. This being my first time running in these sandals, I really took it easy, and with every step, I waited for the laces to pinch the skin on my foot, but they never did. The buckle, which seems like it would irritate or bruise the top of my foot, never bothered me at all. The leather sole of the sandal began to grip my foot. The tread of the sandal held me close to the trail, and I never felt as if I were sliding out of control. These sandals made running so fun! I had the freedom of running barefoot, but the minimal protection that allowed me to cover the trail in a way you might not be able to do being absolutely barefoot. I did still have to watch the trail to see exactly where my foot was going to land, and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, good thing I did because I almost stepped on a baby snake sunning!


I don’t know if I can say that there is anything that I would really change about the sandals. I did notice that just after a few weeks in them, the tread already started to show wear, so that worried me. I have been notified though, that Earth Runners also caught onto that problem and changed the Birkenstock tread to a higher quality Birkenstock material, so that should not become an issue. I absolutely love the way they feel on my feet, and the ease of wearing them. These have easily become the most used shoes in my collection just over the last couple months. My favorite part about them is how easily they can transition from a sandal to a running sandal. Talk about minimalist!


Check out the Earth Runners website HERE !


Are you still skeptical about running in sandals? One lucky winner will win their own pair of Earth Runners!! What better way to try out a product and tell everyone how much you love it, than to win it!

To enter, make your way to the homepage and simply become a follower of this blog 🙂

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Don’t wait! The deadline for entries is July 23, 2013 at midnight!

Good Luck!

Happy Running!