The Hunt for Rapper Ridge : Part 1

The hunt for Rapper Ridge, well officially Raptor Ridge, began a little over a week ago when my friend Trisha and I planned on running on the course that our upcoming respected races would be held on.

Since becoming friends with Trisha, her and I have run in places together that I would never venture to, Raptor Ridge included. So while waiting for the date to come around of our planned attempt to do damage on said location, I looked up maps and trails to make sure we would not get lost, even though I knew of the general area. Trails can be tricky sometimes, and during an exploratory run I would be all over the place looking for the coolest trails, but we weren’t doing that. We were specifically going to annihilate Raptor Ridge. In my searching for anything related to the trail  I discovered that Raptor Ridge is simply the name of the hill, not the name of the trail.

So we headed out on planned date and time, ready to do work on this hill. It was a warm and sunny day, but that didn’t discourage us. It was decided that this particular trail would be great for heat acclimation training due to the complete lack of shade in the first 3 miles. The beginning of the trail was easy enough though, just a flat straight trail that headed toward some hills.

Usually running on trails includes some climbs to actually make you feel like you worked, and some interesting scenery. This trail had neither one of those elements. We only planned to run 5-10 miles, so actually destroying the hill seemed out of reach, but funny thing is, we never even saw it. Apparantly my complete lack of direction showed itself during this run, and we ran 4 flat miles before turning around. Beer was on our mind from the get-go. There will be other opportunities to find the hill, and all of that can be discussed over a nice cold beer.

The after run beer is the best!

I Guess It’s Time…

I love running shoes. They allow me to do what I love, run. They shield me from rocks, mud, horse shit. They serve their purpose. What I don’t love is buying new running shoes. Knowing what size you’re going to fit into in a certain style is hard and stressful. What if your running in the middle of a trail and they start to irritate you in a way that you could never have known while test running them in the store? I also don’t like to spend my money, and lets face it buying running shoes for a hundred bucks a pop gets pretty old. Then I look at my shoes again.

My well-loved Brooks Green Silence, now complete with holes and no tread.

I have spent the majority of my running time over the last 9 months in these shoes. While wearing these shoes I managed to change their color to a dusty gray, PR in a half marathon, splashed through the mud and run up some gnarly hills. And these babies helped me fly down from them. I love these shoes and I knew I would before I bought them. There is no saving them now. I had the idea of fixing them up with bright green duct tape and I was informed by my son that doing so is definitely not cool.

So off I went to Road Runner Sports in San Diego to go buy a new pair of shoes. I was going to go waste a huge chunk of my day off spending money and I was definitely not excited about it. I had a gift-card to the store so it would not be so painful, but still.

So at this store they have a clearance section of once worn and well-loved shoes. This is where I go most times because at this store you have the ability to return a pair of shoes you did not fall in love with after one use, and in my opinion these shoes are still new for the fraction of the price.

This is where my day went from great to awesome. Before heading out to the clearance section, I knew what I wanted. A minimalist trail running shoe. After browsing the 1000’s of pairs of shoes, I found them.

Merrell Pace Glove in Orange!

These shoes stuck out to me for good reason, and I can’t resist anything orange. It was meant to be and they had my size. Call me a happy camper! Then I found another pair that I thought I would try, and for $25.29 I’m not going to pass it up, especially since it took me thirty minutes to get to this store.

New Balance 110’s

The second pair I found are a men’s shoe, but when you have as big of feet as I do, you can do that.

What a great deal! Road Runner Sports rocks!
These new to me shoes are going to live a long happy life with me 🙂

For under $100 I get to add these two pairs of shoes to my collection and hope that I run as many miles and create as many memories in these shoes as I did with my Brooks Green Silence. For some reason I don’t think I’ll be lacking in either one of those areas.

Happy Running