My Love of a Challenge

This time of the year, I am totally happy with hibernating. I definitely am not a fan of being cold, and no matter how many layers I put on, I can never seem to be “warm”.  The thought of stepping outside in 50 degree weather to go run seems absurd (California kid, remember?)

I have on the other hand, known for a while that I have minimized my running so badly that I have seemed to lost my “base”. It’s bound to happen if you only get a 4-5 mile run in once a week. At that point its a never-ending battle against yourself to get better, or at least comfortable with running. Work your butt off painfully for one day, then hang out for six. That doesn’t make sense.

So when Off Road Pursuits announced its 31 in 31 December Challenge, I was definitely intrigued. All I have to do is run for 30 minutes a day. Everyday. Would I be able to go from once a week to every single day of this month? It will definitely be hard, but it needs to happen.

So far I have been successful in getting my runs in, 5 days into the challenge. What I like about it:

  • You hold yourself accountable
  • Jump start into the New Year
  • Great way to feel good during the holidays
  • If you know you may not get a run in one day, you can make it up by running twice another day.

So there you have it. Hopefully next race report you read, the first sentence won’t include something to the tune of, I didn’t really train for this. Man, I hate having to say that.

I’ll periodically drop in updates to let everyone know how I’m doing 🙂

Wish me luck!

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