Buff – The Original Multifunctional Headwear – Review

Two months ago I recieved a lovely package from a company called Buff’s Headwear. I knew the package was on its way, and the day it arrived I quickly ripped it open to see the contents in real life; two brand spanking new buffs.

What is the heck is a buff you wonder?

A buff is a type of head protection that can be used many ways.


I received two different types as well as patterns of buffs. One was a regular standard sized buff, and the other was a half buff.

My running attire consisted of shorts, shirt and hat. I wanted to change that. I love wearing a hat for the fact that it keeps my hair pulled back and out of the way, and the brim keeps the sun out of my eyes. I was curious to see though if their was a more stylish and versitle approach to what a hat can do for me.

Since receiving the two buffs, I have worn them on almost every single run I have ventured on.


Also another thing I found to be excellent with wearing a buff, is the fact that they also provide warmth. I am not a fan of running in the cold, or the cold period for that matter, and when wearing a buff, it is super easy to pull it down over your ears to help keep cold air from hitting the side of your face and irritating your ears.

kate buff

I don’t buy or want things that require mass amounts of care. I want to wear or use something and not have to worry whether it will last. Well, if you’re like me in that sense, you don’t have to worry with a buff. I wear mine everywhere, and when I’m done, I throw it in the washing machine, and dryer. They do not lose shape. They do not fade. The colors do not bleed.

Want another use? Sometimes I suffer from my beer glass being to cold for me to hold. Problem solved!

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Buffs are super easy, and their are so many different ways to wear them. On the Buffs headwear website, buffUSA.com they provide different learning videos, to teach yourself how to wear them in different ways.


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