Happy Turkey Day Run! United Run for the Hungry 2012

So obviously this post is a little late in the making, but I do agree with the ‘better late than never’ principle.

Last year, weeks before Thanksgiving I decided that I was going to run a Thanksgiving day race on turkey day, but my plan of that fell through once I realized that I would not be able to enjoy my Thanksgiving morning with my family in my pajamas if I actually signed up for it, so that was out. When I woke up on that Thanksgiving morning, and realized that it was a beautiful day to run a race, I was saddened for about 7.2 minutes that I didn’t actually sign up to do the thing. I grabbed a cup of coffee and turned on Spongebob Squarepants, snuggled with my little guy, and I was over the race. How quickly I get over things, huh?


I don’t work a traditional Monday thru Friday job, instead I am required to show up on weekend days, so for me to race on the weekends, I have to pull strings and take a day off. So this year I decided that Thanksgiving day is actually a free day off and it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn’t sign up for a race. So I recruited my friend Trisha and she recruited her cousin Alysa, and it was a go.

I decided that a race downtown might be nice, and this one had a 10k option as well. Plus it benefitted San Diego food charities. It seemed to make sense.

So Thanksgiving morning I was up and out the door at 5:30am, while the rest of the family slept in their warm and cozy beds. I met Trisha and Alysa and we were on our way downtown. The race started at 7:05, and as we drove around in circles looking for a place to park with 20 minutes to spare, our interest in this race dropped drastically.

The bib and packet pickup area was an absolute mess, and this frustrated us even more. After we finally got our things, and stopped at the port-a-potties, it was time to head off into the streets of downtown all to benefit a good cause.

Trisha and I signed up for the 10k while Alysa would toe the line in her first race ever, the 5k.

Thanksgiving 10k

Trisha and I started the race together, but I wanted to get this thing over with, and left her before the half mile mark. I weaved my way through runners for the first two miles before I actually found a comfortable spot in the crowd. I decided in the cold morning hours that I was going to wear pants during the race. Bad idea. I have only run in one race wearing pants and that was in 34 degree weather. Right off the bat I could feel I was getting too warm too quickly and I blamed the pants. Oh well.

The 10k consisted of running the 5k loop twice, which also really throws me off. I don’t care to run on the same route more than one time because it becomes boring to me. Oh well.

People running in front of me, soon to be behind me 😉
This guy ran while pushing a wheel barrow, that was blasting music for the runners. Wow! Way to go dude!

So since I left Trisha so early on in the race, every time running ran past each other I was on the lookout for her. I never saw her after that point in the race, but she thought she saw me and yelled at some lady who she thought was me. Ha ha!

While running in the streets

I was almost to the end, and I really was mentally done with running the race at mile 2 but I was keeping a really difficult pace for me through out most of the race, that I didn’t want to lose. Then all of a sudden the police that were keeping cars from driving on the streets were stopping the entire race and allowing cars to go by. WTH? At first I was totally annoyed because the finish line was right around the corner, and my pace was getting screwed up. But then I realized that all of those runners who were alongside of me the entire race whom I was trying to beat, all had to stop too. As soon as the police let the runners go ahead, I ran as fast as I could!! I must have looked like a crazy lady flying around the corner, but I was determined to get the best time that I could, because even though everything seemed to going wrong in the race, it was the best race I ever ran. My official finish time was 48:29, 17th in my age/gender group!

People who see me taking pics while I’m running must think I’m crazy

I checked in with Alysa and grabbed our stuff just before Alysa headed out to the 5k race. I headed over to the finish line to watch Trisha finish, and then we waited there for Alysa to finish.

Alysa’s first race 🙂

All in all it turned out to be a fun time. I ran my fastest race ever, Trisha PR’d her 10k by 5 minutes, and Alysa completed her first race ever! I am thankful to live in such a beautiful place, be friends with awesome people, and be healthy and able to run, among many, many, many other things. We decided that a Thanksgiving run together will always be a part of our Thanksgiving mornings.

The start of a new tradition 🙂

Happy Turkey Day!

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