Whats for Breakfast? Beer.

Ok so maybe I’m not really drinking a beer for breakfast right now, but it certainly is breakfast time, and I’ve got beer on the mind.

So when I announced my 30 day plant-based diet challenge 3 days ago, I was instantly bombarded by friends who know me with one serious question:

“Can you still drink beer?”

This made me appreciate the fact that these people do know me so well, and are very aware that beer is something that I do.

Eat. Run. Beer.

It occurred to me that I had to do some research because I became super concerned with my decision. I came across a few websites that contained valuable information on the subject.

The Vegan Connection – This site is a no frills website with great information and a whole tab devoted to just vegan beer! Score! I also browsed through their recipes and they have a “101 reasons to not be a vegan” list which is intriguing.

VegNews – This site has the most comprehensive list out there that I have seen. I really appreciate that their beers are organized by brewing company so I don’t have to wonder if the certain beer from the brewery on the list qualifies. It is researched and stated for you. And to my surprise many of my favorite beers are on that list.

So my recent research brings new hope to the challenge. If I can still have my beer, then everything will be okay.

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